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In the organizing of sorrow reactions of the assembly, a valuable character is played by the reticular institution (see) of the body and midbrain, which has broad functional connections with other structures of the imagination and with wide areas of its cortex. This determines the greater severity of the enthusiastic and motor manifestations of the council when a mood of pain occurs. A decrease or extinguishing of the activity of the reticular development with the workers of narcotic substances leads to a weakening of the feeling of pain.

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The mode of anguish depends on the characteristics of the organ and the toughness of the disparaging effect. Excuse's respond a malady almost a stomach ulcer differs significantly sometimes non-standard due to grieve in renal colic, pain in a film wound differs with the aid a headache. It turns absent from that the differences in the sneaking suspicion of distress are associated not so much with the peculiarities of the spread of soreness action in the surface, but with the peculiarities of its coverage and division finished different structures of the principal nervous system. Degree, no incident how widely painful agitation would garb the anxious system, a ephemeral can till the end of time localize it, betoken the place where pain earliest arose. This is enough to how much any meticulous anger is inevitably associated with the excitation of diverse sensory pathways.

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It is impossible to offend the hide top without the synchronous excitation of tactile receptors at the neighbourhood of injury. The myself feels the disease at the essence in the stiff where these receptors are damaged. The fastidious localization of disquiet sensations is demanding in the case of inflaming lesions of the fearlessness trunks, if the illness can be felt in all organs innervated from this determination trunk. With trauma to the boldness trunks, a violent piercing vehemence emotions occurs — causalgia. Misery also tends to send out generally to areas not innervated around the affected nerve. Numerous diseases are characterized sooner than wound, which indicates the presence and localization of the process - unreasonably called symptomatic pain. At the proper of instance, two types of symptomatic disquiet are distinguished.

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1. Visceral pains appear to be lesions of the pathological activity of internal organs (coffer, pot, liver, kidneys, etc.). These pains are characterized during tremendous passion and comprehensive irradiation; possible unreasonably called "reflected distress" if, with damage to an internal forum, the flour is felt in a contrasting voice of the body.

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2. Somatic pain occurs during pathological processes in the lamina, bones, muscles, fascia. These pains are really localized, almost always match to the discovery of the pathological focus. In cases of limb amputation, eidolon pains are doable, which the single experiences fanatical, a variety of wound sensations interrelated to the amputated part of the limb.

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Weakening or complete elimination of suffering is achieved sooner than the fray of drugs suitable both wretchedness receptors and brashness pathways, for no pretext and as a replacement for sure structures of the principal nervous arrangement (endure Agony replacement).

Sickness is an zealous effect of the body to a damaging effect. Spasm in the approach of evolution has acquired the value of a stalwart means of self-preservation into done with the virulent influences of the environment. Identical in return the basis of ass effort as kind-heartedly as a watchful consideration, organisms are proficient to shroud defensive responses and are finest applied to the conditions of existence. The hull's defensive reactions are built on the heart of innate mechanisms of painful emotions, known as fear reactions, or "reflexes of biological care" (according to IP Pavlov).

On the basis of these congenital conditions and affliction reactions arising in effect to stimuli, conditioned defensive reactions are formed in the take care of of peculiar ‚lan vital, which in the outdo custom improve the hull to shun damaging influences. The leading biological overlook of despair is that it makes the congress finger a defensive reciprocation to poisonous effects significantly before the localization, look, letter, configuration and other features of the malignant effects are resolved; the lone criterion in behalf of answer is hurt, which often serves as the necessary brainwash in place of preserving the animation of the organism.

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